SPIDER SPORT health club was created in 2003 by the condition trainer Milko Georgiev. Milko’s ideas, unique for Bulgaria at the time, put the beginning of services like “personal trainer”, “personal training studio”, “fitness vacation”, “boot camp outdoor training”, all unknown in the country at that time. Milko’s work in the field of nutrition made people in Bulgaria aware of low-carb diets and familiar with the version recommended by him as the most physiologically proper nutrition: High-Fat Low-Carb (HF-LC) diet. SPIDER SPORT is also a pioneer in promoting the popularity of free weights training, the most natural and healthy way to train, involving small number of repetitions at high intensity/weight.

Milko Georgiev has more than 20 years experience in the science of sports and nutrition. His desire to share his experience makes him a pioneer in functional training and low-carb nutrition in Bulgaria and in the world. In 2002 he starts training himself, using free weights in a high-intensity scheme. In parallel he starts to eat strictly High-Fat Low-Carb. Only 6 months later Milko has excellent results and is convinced that the combination of these two approaches in conditioning works very efficiently. In 2003 he creates sports club SPIDER SPORT that promotes and teaches physiologically proper functional training and nutrition. To achieve this goal he founds SPIDER SPORT Academy and starts training his own team of condition trainers.

Fitness studio

In 2005 SPIDER SPORT creates the first personal training fitness studio in Bulgaria. This is a unique place for training, avant-garde for its time on a world scale. The goal is to provide clients with a pleasant environment and excellent facilities to work with the personal trainers from the club. The difference with the standard fitness clubs is that the training session is always led by a personal trainer who actively takes part in the entire training by demonstrating the movements and guiding you for their correct performance.

From its inception SPIDER SPORT has more than 10,000 followers. Milko and his team attend and give lectures at international conferences on nutrition, publish articles and lead seminars and personal consultations to help thousands of people around the world to find the truth about nutrition and training and improve their health.