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Master Class with Milko Georgiev

Master Class with Milko is for people who want to master and apply the principles of training and nutrition at the highest level. The class consists of an individual training consultation during which Milko will make your training technique and your nutrition plan more precise. For optimal results we recommend a package of two consultations at a discounted price.

These specialized consultations are beneficial to people who have hit a plateau in their training progress, athletes or trainers who want to improve their conditioning training methods, as well as for all members of SPIDER SPORT who would like to learn directly from Milko’s expert knowledge and experience.

These consultations are also suitable for people who live abroad or who are often away on business trips who would like to learn how to build their training and their nutrition plans for optimal results. Once they have mastered the principles of nutrition and training, they could easily apply them and even maintain a good condition at home.

As a pioneer of free weights training and High-Fat Low-Carb nutrition in Bulgaria since 2002, Milko has invaluable experience in conditioning athletes and common people. With his high-end know-how, intelligent science-based explanations and a smile on his face Milko manages to motivate his clients and to teach them the key principles of nutrition and training.

The consultations include a test for restricted joint mobility which impedes people’s correct training technique, walk and posture and exercises for its improvement. You will also receive practical advice on improving your nutrition, building your menu and calculating your optimal calories on the basis of lean body mass and the quantity of protein necessary to achieve your specific goals.

Prices: Master Class with Milko Georgiev
Pleskavici (Serbian hamburger) with fresh salad

Pleskavici (Serbian hamburger) with fresh salad


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