Spider Sport

Master Class with Milko

  1 consultation 90 min 2 consultations 150 (90+60) min
Individual training session with Milko Georgiev lv lv
Check, improvement and elaboration of your training technique
Examination of joint mobility, posture and the condition of your arches
Main principles of composing a training program
Recommended for people living abroad, outside Sofia or people who travel a lot and need to work out on their own
Individual consultations on optimizing your menu
A follow-up consultation and review of a food diary you have filled out in advance
Practical advice on optimizing your nutrition and organizing your grocery shopping
Invaluable know-how and experience in strength and conditioning and nutrition since 2002
Calculation of optimal lean body mass based on your bone structure
Scientific literature and articles on nutrition
Calculation of the exact daily intake of protein according to your needs and lifestyle
Advice on calories and their adjustment on the basis of changes in your weight in 2 weeks
Recommendation on a software application to track your calorie consumption